AdAmp launches to help SMBs get into TV advertising

AdAmp, a company offering access to TV advertising for small to mid-sized businesses and agencies, has launched with a focus on making video buying on leading cable and streaming networks simple for SMBs and agencies.

There are nearly 30 million small and medium businesses in the U.S. and most of those do not have access to, nor the ability to navigate the complex market of television and video advertising. The current amount of TV advertising inventory is not accessible to SMBs and when there is an opportunity for them to take advantage, it is fragmented, provides limited reach and comes with high friction and poor production quality. AdAmp wants to help these local businesses secure brand quality placements within their local markets across traditional television, digital and streaming platforms.

AdAmp’s one-stop advertising platform was created for SMBs and agencies so they can place ads on leading U.S. television platforms. AdAmp lets them have their business featured on leading streaming and cable networks for as little as $25 per day, while amplifying its reach within their community and ultimately democratizing access to TV inventory by making these resources and reach available to SMBs and smaller agencies.

Key offerings from AdAmp’s self-service platform for SMBs include:

  • Audience campaign planning
  • Creative services
  • Portfolio of premium, brand-safe inventory from leading TV streaming, cable, and broadcast providers
  • Built-in reporting with full delivery transparency, attribution and ROI

Through AdAmp, advertisers will:

  • Have the ability to set flexible budgets
  • Have confidence in connecting with their target audiences via local zip-code targeting
  • Experience simple campaign management
  • Have real-time measurement and reporting

AdAmp provides access to more than 200 leading TV services including cable, streaming TV, and local broadcast outlets.


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