Awario launches new analytics tool Insights

Social media listening and analytics company Awario has launched Insights, a new feature that lets you quickly understand why the volume of mentions around your brand (or a competitor, or whatever else you’re monitoring) suddenly increases.

Insights are Awario’s hypotheses on why there’s been an substantial increase in your data. To formulate these hypotheses, the app looks at your mentions for a given day, week, or month to see if anything noteworthy happened during that period.

For instance, somebody’s tweet may have been retweeted hundreds of times; a link to a viral article may have been shared extensively on social media; a hashtag or a topic may have dominated the conversation on that day; or an influential social media account or news website may have mentioned your brand, Awario explained in its blog post announcing the new feature.

Insights are available to all Awario users (including on the free trial). You can find the feature  by going to the dashboard in your Awario account and looking at your Mentions, Reach, and Sentiment charts. If Awario detected a spike in the data and was able to come up with a hypothesis, you’ll see a pin icon above the spike. From here, you can click on the icon to see up to 3 explanations on why the spike occurred.

Each explanation is also clickable – it will take you to a filtered version of your feed, showing the mentions that contributed to the spike.

Alternatively, you can hit the Insights icon to the right of the date filter in the top right corner of the dashboard to display all Insights within the selected date range. 

Awario, launched in 2015, empowers its clients with a robust suite of social media listening tools, analytics, and competitive intelligence, crawling through more than 13 billion websites to deliver 37 million mentions daily.

Check out our review of Awario and its User Satisfaction Index here.


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