Giift launches digital engagement platform

Rewards management platform Giift has launched Giift Engage, a marketing tool to drive customer engagement through rewards-based offers.  

With a wide variety of programs available and adopted by customers, loyalty programs need to evolve from being simply passive and automated point granting systems to becoming tools that companies use to proactively engage with their customers. Giift Engage addresses this need with an innovative solution that leverages assets and expertise that Giift and its more than 50,000 program affiliates have collectively built.  

Giift Engage lets companies push to their customers points-based promotions in the form of personalized digital customer experiences, games and more across multiple communication channels. 

Companies will use Giift Engage for a wide range of client activities across acquisition, lead generation, portfolio usage, digital adoption and much more. Moreover, Giift Engage will be used internally as well, for instance to incentivize staff for activities and outcomes, productivity, project completion, collaboration, etc… 

Giift’s end-to-end loyalty technology turns rewards programs into fungible currencies. Giift operates in more than 50 countries, with offices in New York, London, Singapore, Wuhan, Nairobi, Dubai, Jakarta, Mumbai, Colombo, Doha, and Dhaka.

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