Kennected rolls out cloud-based LinkedIn automation software

Kennected, a provider of LinkedIn automation software, has rolled out a cloud-based version of its solution called Cloud Kennect. It lets users build a sustainable lead flow pipeline by leveraging LinkedIn Marketing.

Kennected uses LinkedIn’s data-rich filters to help users find their ideal targets. With Cloud Kennect, users can dial in their ideal prospects and easily manage multiple campaigns. It is also very easy to create new campaigns or edit current campaigns.

Once a target audience has been identified, Kennected makes it possible to reach out to all of them in no time. Kennected lets users send connection requests and follow-ups. Messages are sent automatically, but not in bulk—as if the user were sending them manually.

Kennected sends automated messages that can be personalized to increase the odds of getting a response.

A personal touch is always necessary so that the recipients don’t think that the message is spam. If a user receives too many “I don’t know this person” responses on LinkedIn, their account can be restricted. Therefore, Kennected’s personalized approach to automation is the most effective.

If a recipient does not respond, they can receive a follow-up message automatically- based on the sender’s campaign instructions. Cloud Kennect also has the reply detection feature, which automatically stops further follow-up messages from being sent if the sender receives a reply. Even follow-up messages can be personalized with the use of Kennected.

Users can check responses, view profiles, and access current conversations under the Responses tab, or delete any user by clicking delete.

Cloud Kennect’s integration with FindThatLead,, Anymailfinder and more, makes it easy to find emails right inside the LinkedIn interface. It provides actionable insights and helpful data to help users make better strategic decisions.

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