Pytch offers PR on a subscription basis for creatives is a new app that lets creatives in music, art, fashion, tech and brands connect and pitch their work to publications. It is one of the world’s first subscription-based Public Relations platform built for the creative industry.

While some traditional PR agencies are asking for retainers of over $1000, Pytch has taken a trip down the subscription route for creatives. Seeing subscription-based services flourish as they offer consumers a cost-effective option, Xavier Abraham – a PR agency owner himself – applied the business model to his own industry.

“I was working with a lot of independent creatives, artists and musicians and started to discover the pain points and, unfortunately, it always came down to their budget. One of the main discussion points you’ll find when hiring an agency is the risk. In the business of public relations, there’s no actual guarantee that a client will get coverage, so that risk is the cost. Our mission is to eliminate those high-retainers with a subscription-based Netflix-like model backed with software,” said Abraham in a report on

According to him, timing plays a major role in the creative business, and on top of that, the creative content you’re pitching is subject to opinion. You need the time to pitch the story, and a short campaign doesn’t give you much of a wiggle room. You’re always going to get more ‘no’s instead of a yes. Pytch’s pricing model gives creatives more time to experiment and see what works.

Pytch is backed with a team of PR experts, with subscribers getting instant access to pitching their work and story to the media for as low as $15 per month. Pytch’s database features print and online magazine and trendsetting blogs in the United States, UK, and more. All hand-picked and tailored to their industry and brand.

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