Regalix launches Nytro Pitch App

Regalix, a provider of AI-based sales enablement platform, has launched Nytro Pitch App to help sellers master their sales pitch and demos remotely and at scale.

Nytro Pitch App uses artificial intelligence to evaluate and analyze demo pitch recordings of sales reps and, using multiple machine learning techniques, it can quickly determine a rep’s pitch performance across several key dimensions to identify which reps have mastered the demo or sales pitch and which reps need more practice.

The app can also gamify the training process by having leaderboards and tournament brackets that make it much more engaging and fun for sellers.

“The ability to analyze, autograde and score pitch submissions at scale using advanced AI and ML is the first of its kind to help prepare sellers digitally,” said Ravish Kamath, VP of Product at Regalix. “Nytro Pitch App addresses challenges around onboarding and training sellers quickly and efficiently at scale in this new virtual selling environment.”

You can find out more on how Nytro Pitch App can change the way your sellers sell at

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