unveils Reputation Score X, a reputation experience software provider, has launched Reputation Score X, a reputation measurement tool that showcases not only how a brand’s digital reputation currently measures up against its competitors, but also how it got there and the immediate steps it can take to improve.

Unlike other industry scores, Reputation Score X gives you near real-time, personalized performance feedback down to the location level, and also tells you exactly what you should do next to improve your business. Specifically, Reputation Score X provides:

  • Current status — Measures a brand’s performance in components like online visibility, customer sentiment, review volume and more, which yields a numeric score from 0 to 1,000. This score can then be compared to others in the same industry, or across a brand’s own locations.
  • Trend analysis — Provides detailed insight into how a brand arrived at its score. Reputation Score X sheds light on which factors have impacted the score the most and allows brands to drill down into each component to understand their performance over time.
  • Prescriptive recommendations — Using proprietary algorithms, the updated tool intelligently charts key factors that make up a Reputation Score, such as overall sentiment and search visibility, and prescribes specific, tailored actions a brand can take to improve its score at a location level. It then estimates the score impact each action will have so brands can better prioritize next steps and turn insights into action.

Reputation Score X is accessible within the platform at no additional cost to customers.

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