Sightly launches Brand Mentality platform

Sightly, a marketing and media technology company, has launched Brand Mentality platform that combines emotional and cultural intelligence to empower brands and agencies to anticipate threats and opportunities and respond at speed and scale across multiple publishers and contexts.

The Brand Mentality platform serves Sightly as a comprehensive framework for keeping messages and audiences aligned in-market. The company uses data science, predictive algorithms and expert human know-how to maximize your outcomes and align your Brand Mentality™ at speed, no matter what lies ahead.

Because each mentality is unique, one brand’s risk is often another brand’s opportunity. Brand Mentality™ is built to transcend the typical one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, it responds dynamically to events and trends for each unique client, nimbly scaling responses across all appropriate digital publishers, networks and channels.

By helping a brand define its unique mentality, Sightly is able to identify emerging opportunities as well as threats from the constant barrage of news, reactions, viral events and trends—and then inject the brand’s true opinions across media and marketing channels. Massive amounts of data gathered from social, traditional and popular media provide an unparalleled depth of cultural and emotional intelligence.

“Trending topics have never gained traction as quickly as they do now. Opportunities come and go in a matter of days. With Brand Mentality, we can help brands jump into cultural moments when it’s right, and gracefully sidestep them when it’s not,” said Marissa Price, SVP of Client Services at Sightly, in a news release announcing the move.

Founded in 2013 in the U.S., Sightly is a marketing and media technology company, with a focus on digital video advertising and analytics, that delivers unrivaled performance and client service.

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