Talkwalker acquires Nielsen Social

Social listening and analytics company Talkwalker has acquired Nielsen Social, a leading provider of social measurement and audience insights software.

Nielsen Social’s Social Content Ratings solution will provide additional insights for Talkwalker’s AI-enabled conversational intelligence platform. The acquisition will build on Talkwalker’s existing strength in serving global brands and expand its presence in the U.S. enterprise market.

„Over the last few years, I’ve seen social analytics evolve dramatically – leveraging more data sources to provide actionable insights across entire companies. Talkwalker is leading this change – creating a powerful enterprise solution for conversational intelligence. This acquisition is part of that change – strengthening our leadership in innovation, through Nielsen Social’s state-of-the-art ratings and advertising analytics software,” said Robert Gleasner in the email announcing the transaction, which was sent out to media outlets.

Talkwalker will be integrating Nielsen Social into its platform in the coming months, adding more insights and capabilities.

Talkwalker’s software uses AI-powered technology to monitor and analyze online conversations in real-time across social networks, news websites, blogs and forums in 187 languages. Talkwalker has offices in New York, Luxembourg, San Francisco, Frankfurt, Paris and Singapore. It is also the home of Talkwalker Alerts, a free alerting service used by over 500,000 communications and marketing professionals worldwide.

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