Talkwalker revamps its platform

Talkwalker has revamped its social media analytics and monitoring platform making it faster, easier to use, more collaborative and packed with several new features.

The platform has now a crisper and cleaner interface with improved navigation system across analytics and dashboards, and a user-designed home screen.

Talkwalker has also improved its platform speed and teamwork capabilities, giving everyone access to brand insights and actions. As part of this, the app includes now account libraries to store and share popular search topics, filters, channels and more across all projects.

Other new features include:

Extended Visual Insights – The platform has expanded its image and video recognition feature to now detect image similarity. That means you can now track images related to your brand logo or campaign elements. Or to identify popular scenes containing your products.

Topic wheel – The new topic wheel adds an additional level of insights to the platform’s word clouds when comparing queries. By categorizing topics and sub-topics, they help you understand the conversations your consumers are having in a quick, easy to understand visualization.

Quora data – Talkwalker has now included data from the Quora website, to provide you with an overview of how consumers and potential customers are discussing your products on the platform. With over 300 million of unique visitors, and millions of new questions and answers published each month, that’s a lot of valuable insights.

You can find a full review of the new features here.

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