Twk.Today launches expert platform

Twk.Today (Those Who Know) has launched its experts and thought-leaders’ media profiling and content marketing platform with an ambitious vision to help journalists find the right expert to comment on a story.

The new platform carries a new and concept that allows business experts to publish and manage their profiles and content marketing articles in one place, making it easier for the media and newsrooms to find the right business expert who is ready to comment on a story.

“Businesses are increasingly investing in and adopting through-leadership articles as part of their ongoing content marketing strategies, however; they are facing huge issues in exclusivity demands forced by the media, resulting in limited reach and exposure,” said Ahmed Abd Al Qadir, Founder & CEO at Twk.Today.

“Twk.Today is here to amplify the authoritative voices from different business sectors by providing one-stop shop for audience and media, while acting as a media profiling archive for experts,” he added. “Our AI-Powered platform is complementing the PR efforts and activities to have their clients’ key messages delivered by providing effective tools to manage their clients’ profiles and articles.”

The new platform supports the media by providing free and advanced search to find the right business expert to comment on a news story!

The platform covers Technology, Healthcare, Travel & Hospitality, Real Estate, Autos, banking & Finance, Education, Energy, Lifestyle & Media. All business experts and their related PR agencies are invited to sign up and get their voices amplified.

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