Vidora partners with Segment to bring ML to Customer Data Platform

Vidora, a no-code machine learning platform for marketing, has partnered with Twilio-owned Customer Data Platform Segment to enable customers to quickly and easily use their first-party data in advanced Machine Learning (ML) algorithms for marketing and product workflows.

Machine learning is a proven technology to drive ROI across marketing and product experiences. However, many organizations struggle to operationalize machine learning due to (a) data residing in disparate locations and formats and (b) the inherent challenges of building and integrating machine learning into their existing workflows. The integration between Segment and Vidora solves both of these challenges. Segment enables businesses to consolidate first-party customer data, and Vidora leverages this data set to create automated Machine Learning Pipelines to power personalized customer experiences.

The integration enables businesses to build powerful machine learning models with only a few clicks. Thousands of machine learning use cases are easily available including churn prediction, best-next-action modeling, recommendations, look-alikes, predictive retargeting, and dynamic decisioning.

“We are thrilled to enable Segment’s more than 20,000 customers with advanced machine learning capabilities” said Vidora Head of Operations Shawn Azman. “Segment enables businesses to quickly consolidate their data across hundreds of sources to realize a true 360 degree view of users. Now that data can be activated for machine learning with Vidora. It’s never been easier to integrate machine learning into a business.”

“We are constantly looking for opportunities to help our customers maximize the value of their data. With Vidora’s advanced machine learning capabilities, customers can leverage data from Segment to build powerful predictive and prescriptive models in a no-code framework,” added Nick Rasines, Technology Partnerships Lead at Segment.

Segment is a Customer Data Platform that lets you collect, unify, and connect your customer data from every channel (including websites, apps, payments, help desk). Using Segment you can also personalize every interaction with your customers across all platforms and channels.

Segment has one of the highest PRM Score (that includes User Satisfaction Index representing an aggregate rating from leading review sites, and Popularity Index based on the app traffic data) among all Customer Data Platform in the market.

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