Waapi launches Waalaxy, stops development of ProspectIn

Waapi, a company behind popular LinkedIn automation tool ProspectIn, has launched multi-channel prospecting tool Waalaxy. It also informed that it would continue to update ProspectIn but would not add any new feature to it.

Waalaxy tool lets you find and reach prospects on every channel in an automated fashion. It starts with with LinkedIn and email automation and promises adding more channels as it goes along.

The tool has been created to bypass LinkedIn’s weekly limit of a maximum of 100 connections per week. It does it by automatically retrieving the prospect’s email before sending the connection request on Linkedin. This method of sending a connection request is not counted in LinkedIn’s weekly quotas.

Waapi has also encourged all its ProspectIn users to switch to Waalaxy, offering transfer of your ProspectIn license to an equivalent Waalaxy license.

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