Wix has unveiled Editor X

Wix has unveiled Editor X, a website creation platform offering advanced design and layouting capabilities specifically targeted to designers and web agencies.

The wide, flexible new canvas allows the use of modern CSS technologies including Flexbox and Grid, all with precise drag and drop, so designers and web creators can control the exact position and styling of elements at every viewport.

The sophisticated design capabilities and approachable CSS technology are combined with Wix’s rich suite of business solutions, and additional coding capabilities if wanted, enabling the creation of powerful, complex websites at scale.

“We understand the evolving needs of designers and their clients, and we innovate to address their sophisticated demands and diverse requirements,” said Wix Co-founder and CEO Avishai Abrahami.

Editor X allows for advanced responsive design without using code and includes the following features:

  • Grid Layouting is an advanced two-dimensional layouting system based on CSS Grid
  • Docking anchors elements to a specific position as the viewport changes
  • Stack & scale media for seamless responsive behavior
  • Text Scale to create scalable font sizes
  • Flex Layouter is a smart layouting system relying on Flexbox technology for automatic reorganization of content while resizing
  • Advanced sizing control defines your element as fixed or fluid, using wide support for modern CSS units
  • Custom Breakpoints to tailor designs to any viewport, not just classic devices
  • Wix Design System featuring sections with built-in responsive behavior matched to the color palette of your site
  • Flexible Canvas with resizing handles to instantly see and customize your design across viewports
  • Drag and drop functionality for all advanced tools

You can find out more about Editor X and apply for the Beta here: editorx.com.

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