Wondershare launches new video marketing tool VidAir

Wondershare, a marketing software development company, has launched a new online marketing tool and video editor designed to make video marketing easier on small businesses: Wondershare VidAir. VidAir is a video creation platform with templates, free resources, and easy-to-use editing functions.

Video has become an essential part of content marketing because of its potential for reach and engagement. Making an attractive marketing video usually takes a lot of time and energy. Creating high-quality marketing videos quickly on a budget has become the key to success for many small to medium-sized businesses.

“VidAir is easy to use and affordable. You pay 90% less with us than our with our competitors, and the videos you make will be high quality,” said Kevin Yong, Product Director of Wondershare VidAir. “To speed up and simplify video creation, VidAir includes a lot of templates and resources like stock footage, text effects, music, and photos. You can create a professional promotional video minutes.”

VidAir’s Key Features

  1. Creative video templates: there are templates for a variety of themes like beauty, fashion, food, tourism, gaming, real estate, and more.
  2. Built-In resources: over 10,000+ resources are included such as video clips and photos.
  3. Customizable text effects: customized the size, font, and color of your text to make your brand stand out.
  4. User-friendly interface: it is easy for anyone to get started, even if you’ve never made a video before.

Price and Compatibility

VidAir is available on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers. The price is $9.99 USD/month or $5.99 USD/month for the annual plan.

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