PRM Score Methodology

PRM Score includes User Satisfaction Index (representing an aggregate rating from leading review sites) and Popularity Index (based on the app traffic data). By combining these two sets of data we are able to estimate pretty accurately the position of each tool in the market.

For the User Satisfaction Index, our small team gathers ratings of software and services we list in our directory from the most trusted review sites. The list includes:

  • general review sites,
  • niche review sites,
  • ratings from a variety of editorial reviews.

The rating can be influenced by the reviews and ratings provided by users of our directory. They can write reviews only after getting the Verified User status. To get verified you have to provide additional information about yourself or log into the site using your LinkedIn credentials.

Our Popularity Index is based on the app traffic data from SimilarWeb. We transform the traffic data into the rating using our proprietary converter.

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