SurveyGizmo rebrands to Alchemer

SurveyGizmo, a leading customer experience (CX) and voice-of-the-customer (VOC) technology provider, has rebranded to Alchemer. The new name will let better reflect the company’s mission in helping businesses transform into customer-centric organizations.

“SurveyGizmo served us well. It was fun and whimsical. It communicated clearly that we provide survey software and that our software is approachable and easy to use. Today, our customers count on us for mission-critical insights and business operations, and our new name sends that message to the market,” said David Roberts, CEO of Alchemer, in a news release announcing the change.

“We chose Alchemer for a few reasons. First and foremost, it’s all about transformation; originally in transforming base metals to gold, and now, for us, helping our customers transform their organizations. We also love its balance of science and magic. Alchemer is rooted in science and was the forerunner to chemistry, but it also conveys magic and imagination,” Roberts further explained in a blog post.

With the name change, you can expect major advancements in workflow and integration capabilities of Alchemer, driving immediate and intelligent response to your customers’ voices throughout your organization. The company will also enhance its analytics and reporting capabilities to aggregate the voice of its customer after critical actions are taken.

Check also our review of Alchemer software and its User Satisfaction Index here.

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